I can't escape

Aug 12

Bitches need to grow the fuck up

I am so tired of girls causing drama of stupid little bullshit I had to break up with my ex because I didn’t tell my ex before her we were together and she got all pissy thinking that something was gonna happen

Aug 05

Forever Alone

I could spend my life waiting for the right girl

I could spend an eternity looking for the girl that makes me completely happy

I could spend The rest of my life to find someone who’s supportive

I could spend centuries wishing I had someone by my side

I could spend all night telling the girl I love how i feel

I could spend decades searching for someone I can grow old with

I could spend every day looking for another chance with the the girl of my dreams

But the truth is that it doesn’t mean anything because I have put myself in the situation and deserve to be forever alone

Jun 08

Fucking girls

I figured I would post something about how girls are. Girls to say the least are obnoxious beings. They tell you they want something and when you don’t give it to them they get mad and when you end up giving it to them and then they don’t want it. They should just make up their fucking minds its aggravating. I am so fed up with girls telling me one thing and meaning another. If you make a big fuss about it odds are you’re gonna get it so when you get it you shouldn’t comnplain about how long it took be glad it came. Which brings me to my next point girls are incredibly ungrateful. Nuff Said

Jun 07

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Katy Perry


Katy Perry

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